We Humanize the Government Website Experience

Beautiful, innovative and effective websites for cities,
counties and special districts.

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We are trusted web experts with a relentless determination to improve digital government by humanizing the user experience. We have a combined history of working with more than 4,000 local government organizations.

Tailored for
Local Government

The GovWeb Platform is built on WordPress, an open source foundation for easy configuration and content management. The platform is secure and easy for content editors to manage and update. GovWeb has been built on WordPress to specifically meet the needs of municipalities and local government organizations.

Thoughtfully Crafted
Mobile-First Designs

We are more than an assembly line shop that forces content to fit into pre-designed templates.

We are proud of our thoughtfully crafted designs and the effort that is put into customizing each and every website to ensure it fits the culture and brand of the community it serves.

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Built with ADA Compliance & Accessibility in Mind

Our website architects work with our content strategists and design team to closely
monitor and comply with accessibility standards and laws when building your government website.

Our best practices take a socially responsible approach to exceeding WCAG 2.0 AA
standards and ensuring we are best-positioned to continue offering guidance and
continued compliance when implementing your government website.

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Collection of Web Apps

Our platform allows non-technical government employees the ability to easily update any portion of your website with ease.

To offer the greatest flexibility in customization, without requiring web development coding skills, our portfolio of Web Apps allow for the intuitive creation and editing ability of a wide variety of content types.

  • Agendas & Minutes
  • Blog
  • Jobs
  • Menus
  • Reservations
  • Alerts
  • Public Notices
  • Locations
  • News Posts
  • Resource Directory
  • Bids
  • Calendar
  • Looped In
  • Opinion Polls
  • Staff Directory
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Security That Exceeds Expectations

Our security systems have been pressure-tested by several high-profile attempted attacks. Offering the most reliable hosting tailored to the needs of government organizations we promise 99.7% uptime and the DDoS monitoring so you don’t have to worry about potential disruptions, or the safety of your community members’ data.

Hosting & Security Standards