GovWeb’s Signature Collection of Web Apps

Our platform allows non-technical employees the ability to easily update any portion of your website with ease.

To offer the greatest flexibility in customization, without requiring web development coding skills, our collection of Web Apps allow for the intuitive creation and editing ability of a wide variety of content types.

The Agendas & Minutes Web App is an all-inclusive interface to display agendas and meeting minutes on your website. Simply save the final version to a PDF and then upload it to the website. Update your site visitors with ease, as published agendas and minutes can also be sent out through email.

The Outage Alerts Web App provides an efficientand noticeable way to get important news out to your website visitors, whether it be local inconveniences like power outages, or critical, up-to-the-minute emergencies like flood warnings and boil water alerts. With one click, graphics and information can be activated on your website from a variety of layouts that best fit the alert’s importance. When a user clicks on an alert that is displayed on the site, they will be taken to the Web App information that details the alert.

Bid Postings provides a simple and easy to use method of posting and organizing bids, RFPs, and RFQs online for vendors or local contractors interested in providing products and services to your organization. Provide links to upload the full RFP package, links to related web pages, or post other bid details like the scope of work.

Bids can be sorted by category, title, closing date and by open, closed, cancelled, or awarded. Bids can also be set to automatically expire off the site.

The Blog Web App helps to open up the lines of communication between your organization’s communications or management team and your customers, increasing transparency and customer interaction.

The Blog features the option to allow visitor comments for feedback, and comments can be moderated before publishing live to the website.

The Business and Resource Directory provides site visitors with information and links to organizations and services within your community or links to your affiliations.

Site visitors can search by business or organization name or category, and entries can be organized by business or by category. Display useful information like a description, a link to a map, address, phone, email and a link to the business’ website.

The Events Web App allows administrators to set up items to keep the public informed about events in your community or internal events in your organization.

Events can be set on a one-time basis or as recurring events for multiple months in advance, with short descriptions and hyperlinks to display the event details.

The calendar recognizes the current dates, the starting date for the display of events and also provides for easy navigation to future events.

Display available jobs within your government organization on your website in an easy to search and retrieve format for your site visitors.

The Jobs Web App allows you to provide as many details as you like and link to a number of files supporting the available position(s), with the ability to allow the site visitor to download a job application or link to an online application with our Online Forms app.

Help your customers reduce time consuming phone calls or trips to your offices by answering commonly asked questions through your website.

FAQs, which can be organized by departments and/or category, may be added to any page and can be set to link to additional information or documentation for easy reference.

Having online forms makes it easy for you to receive useful information from your site visitors.

These completely customizable forms can be used as a means for customers to contact you with questions, requests and feedback, or to sign-up for various events and activities.

Various field options include long answer, radio button, drop-down lists and multiple choice and more.

The Form Development Tool lets you develop every aspect of your online form with no programming knowledge needed. In addition, you can track your forms through your website.

No more lost emails and sorting for statistical data through multiple emails. Any form submitted on your website can be received via email to as many people as you wish, and/or be kept in a backend database. This data can then be exported using the CSV file export feature.

The Video Web App provides an affordable way to upload video files and stream live video right through your YouTube, Vimeo or Vzaar account, without the need to purchase costly third-party solutions.

The News & Announcements App provides your website with an area where important and timely news and announcements are posted.

Any department may utilize News Flash for posting information that is specific to their department like a change in meeting location, results from an election, recreational activities, and more. The News App is a dynamic element that may be placed on any page, and each news item has its own start and expiration date.