Content Strategy

The most often overlooked and undervalued part of your website’s usability is arguably the most important: Content. The most visually stunning website will not be effective if the information within it is difficult to find and understand. All too often, government websites house hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pages and documents that have long lost their relevance. Total page migration shouldn’t be your goal; rather, keeping the information that is important to your customers and delivering it in a way that is easily understood should be.

Our content strategy training focuses on your team, providing a hands-on training to teach them how to write content for the website that will most effectively allow visitors to understand and use it.

Consider these two content examples, two pages that have information about rebates:

Example A

Example B

  • The example in A is reflective of how information is often written on government websites: blocks of dense text.
  • The example in B is not only easier to scan, but allows customers to complete a process on the website.
  • The end result of this phase is fewer pages to manage, a higher satisfaction rate from your customers, and the knowledge and training to write and publish better web content.