Usability & Information Architecture

Do you know the top five things visitors are looking for on your website? Do you know if they are able to easily find the information they need and complete their tasks? How do you go about understanding what your site visitors would like to see on your website?

You ask them. As part of the UX Analysis, we will use quantitative evaluation methods that vary in terms of formality and the degree of end-user participation. By combining the results of these tests, we will be able to better understand the specific needs of your customers.

Surveys for customers

We will create an online survey to gather feedback from your website users about whether they’re able to find the information they need, what suggestions they have and more.

Heat Map Analysis

We will use heat map technology to gather insight into how people are using your website. Over the course of several weeks, we will observe how users navigate your website, where they’re clicking and whether they’re scrolling.

Recorded User Testing

Using special screen-sharing software, we will record test users as they narrate their way through common tasks on your website, such as finding a job, making a payment or reporting a concern.

Site Usability Report

At the conclusion of the UX Analysis process, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining key insights and recommendations for optimizing your homepage content, navigation and key links.