User Experience

In order to create a website that effectively serves, represents and delights your customers, you must take the time to understand their needs. The GovWeb User Experience (UX) focused approach will guide you through a process of discovery to learn about your website visitors in order to make more informed decisions for your website redesign. This process has consistently delivered superior results by allowing committees to work from facts instead of opinions as they develop their website’s layout, navigation and design. The GovWeb UX Approach has the following components:

Usability & Information Architecture

We will use multiple methods to gather data about how your customers are currently using your website, including reviewing your analytics data, and capturing heat maps to learn where users are looking on your website and how they use your menus and content. This will create an intuitive layout and structure for your new website.

Content Strategy

We will teach your staff how to write effective, action-oriented content in order to make it easier for your customers to understand the information that is presented to them. Ensuring your website includes clear, effective content is one of the most critical parts of developing a website that is easy to use for your customers.

Visual Design

We will collaborate with your team to develop a visually stunning design for your website that not only reflects your unique brand, but also helps elegantly display content on all devices.